In open prospective study we determine the efficacy of zoledronic and ibandronic acids on bone metabolism markers and bone mineral density in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis. 225 women with postmenopausal osteoporosis treated with zoledronic acid in dose 5 mg, intravenously, once a year and 64 women treated ibandronic acid were followed up. The investigators assessed clinical and medical history data, evaluated the gynecological and somatic statuses, and made laboratory and instrumental studies: clinical, biochemical blood tests, general urinalysis, determination of serum bone metabolism markers (B-Crosslaps, osteocalcin), osteodensitometry and electrocardiography, therapist ’s examination if needed. Therapy with zoledronic acid 5 mg once a year and ibandronic acid 150 mg once a month was followed by a significant reduction in resorption markers (B-Crosslaps) just following one month. Formation markers decreased to a lesser degree, which was indicative of preserved positive bone remodeling balance during the therapy. Determination of biochemical markers of bone remodeling permits assessment of an individual patient response to antiresorbtive therapy just in the first month after infusion. Zoledronic acid or ibandronic acid therapy exerts a rapid and potent effect on bone metabolism, mainly by inhibiting the resorption processes.

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E V Bordakova

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G T Sukhikh

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