Aim of the study. To examine the quality of treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis (OP), the level of commitment to therapy and the factors on which it depends, and the amount of social and economic costs associated with the treatment of OP in the Moscow Region (MR). Material and Methods. The study was conducted by questionnaire of 362 postmenopausal women aged 55 and older (median 65 (59, 70) years) from 17 districts and municipal entities of MR with verified diagnosis of postmenopausal OP. The questionnaire included a survey “Attitudes to the therapy of OP” and the scale of attitudes «Factors hindering receive quality medical care for OP. « Results. During the past year, respondents appealed to the medical facilities for OP treatment up to 15 times inclusive (an average of 2 (1, 4) times), 30.4% of patients were hospitalized or were unable to work due to the OP, in 14.3% of respondents disability leaf has lasted for more than six months. OP therapy in most cases was not assigned due to lack of adequate advice from the doctor, who did not insist on compulsory treatment (in reply to 50% of respondents) did not give clear recommendations (43.8%) or did not explain the specific instructions for the drug use ( 25.0%). When choosing a method of treatment 84% of respondents relied on the recommendations of the endocrinologist and the remaining 16% - of a gynecologist, rheumatologist, orthopedist, or trauma specialists who are not directly related to the treatment of OP. The major part in the treatment of postmenopausal OP is occupied by well-known brands of combination therapy with calcium and vitamin D, whereas strontium ranelate was used only by 13.9% of respondents, alendronate - 11.1°%, zoledronic acid — 8.8%. Despite the identified high adherence to therapy, most patients treated previously believe that efficient and convenient for the administration drug for the treatment of OP does not exist (39.1% and 34.8% respectively). Average monthly costs for patients treated OP are 1700 (300, 2000) rubles, while the high cost of antiosteoporotic drugs is the most important cause of the irregular treatment and the most significant factor of poor quality medical care to patients with OP. Conclusion: OP is associated with more visits to medical facilities and long periods of disability; the quality of treatment of OP in MR needed to be improved.

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k.m.n., starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik otdeleniya terapevticheskoy endokrinologii, dotsent kafedry endokrinologii


d.m.n., professor, rukovoditel' otdeleniya terapevticheskoy endokrinologii, zav. kafedroy endokrinologii


aspirant kafedry endokrinologii


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