Otsenka vliyaniya priverzhennosti rekomendatsiyampo profilaktike osteoporoza na mineral'nuyuplotnost' kostey predplech'ya i chastotu komorbidnoypatologii v lechenii osteoporoza


Aim: to assess compliance to osteoporosis (OP) prophylaxis recommendations and its influence on mineral bone density (BMD) and development of comorbid diseases in postmenopause.
Methods: prospective cohort study included 404 postmenopausal women aged from 47 to 59 with OP risk
factors. BMD was assessed by distant forearm X-ray absorptiometry. Comorbid diseases were registered. Compliance to recommendations was assessed by questionnaire..
Results. Group 1 consisted of 276 non-compliant women. Group 2 (128 persons) changed their lifestyle and consumed recommended amount of daily calcium and vitamin D. Group 1 demonstrated significant increase of coronary heart disease, chronic heart failure and a fraction of persons in whom BMD decreased during 2 years of survey(x2 = 6.986; P = 0.017).. Relative risk of arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease, chronic heart failure and glucose metabolism disorders significantly decreased in group 2.
Comclusion: constant co-operation between doctors and patients is necessary to keep the patient compliant and to obtain clinically relevant results in OP prophylaxis.

About the authors

A. A. Popov

N. V. Izmozherova

M. I. Fominykh


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