Osteoporoz u molodykh zhenshchin

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Pubertal and reproductive stages of woman's life are
characterized by sex steroids' predominant action. Osteoporosis
and osteopenia can develop in patients with estrogen
deficiency (amenorrhoea). DXA scans are used to evaluate
bone mineral density (BMD) using T-score. Retrospectively,
we examine 234 patients with amenorrhoea. The mean age
was 31,80,7 years, the mean duration of amenorrhoea was
6,41,2 years. The highest rate of osteoporosis was determined
in patients younger then 30 years with gonadal dysgenesia
in 31,7% and in patients with hypogonadotrophic
amenorrhoea in 17,9%. Unaltered mineral bone density and
osteopenia were more common in patients older then 30 years
with premature ovarian failure in 17,2 % (n=16) (p<0.05)
and in 48,4% (n=45), respectively, in comparison with other
groups. The most significant changes in mineral bone density
are detected in lumbar spine LI-LIV and the distal radius
(p<0.05) in all groups compared with femur neck. Less
intense changes in mineral bone density in examined areas
were determined in patients with premature ovarian failure
and hypogonadotrophic amenorrhoea with duration of amenorrhoea
less then 5 years compared with women with amenorrhoea
more then 5 years. Thereby all patients with amenorrhoea
should be examined using DXA. The decrease in BMD
is more often in areas where cancellous bone is predominant,
in lumbar spine and in the distal radius. Mineral bone density
is influenced by duration of amenorrhoea and in time started
hormone therapy.

About the authors

A. A. Gavisova

A. G. Burduli

M. A. Ol'khovskaya


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