The aim of the study was to assess incidence of hip and distal forearm fractures and quality of the early medical aid and direct financial expenses for treatment those fractures in Moscow Region in the period of 1998-2002.
Methods: For performing retrospective study among population aged 50 years Kolomensky area of Moscow Region was chosen. Source documents about patients with hip and distal forearm fractures were obtained from traumatologic hospital and traumatologic station of Kolomensky area. Cost of medical aid was calculated on the basis of the prices of the State Obligatory Medical Insurance of Russian Federation.
Results: 527 hip fractures and 2420 distal forearm fractures were registered during 1998-2002. Hip fractures incidence varied from 77.1/100 000 to 156.6/100 000 among males (p<0.05) and from 166.1/100 000 to 216.0/100 000 among females (p>0.05). Distal forearm fractures incidence changed from 247.1/100 000 to 309.3/100 000 among males (p>0.05) and from 1213.0/100 000 to 1025.0/100 000 among females (p>0.05). Incidence of both fractures was significantly higher (p<0.01) in women than in men at all years of the study. Hip fractures incidence significantly grew with age with maximal values in age group >70 years old and there was no any dependence of distal forearm fractures incidence on age. Only 4% of hip fractures were surgically operated at the first 2 months after fracture. Direct financial expenses for treatment of patients with hip fracture for first the 2 months after fracture had made was over 582 - in average and early medical care cost for all hip fractures was about 104 714 - in Kolomensky area in the period of 1998-2002. Medical aid to patients with distal forearm fracture cost over 10- in average and financial expenses for treatment of all distal forearm fractures had made about 25 180 - in Kolomensky area for 5 years. We consider provisional amount of hip fractures may be about 23 500 and amount of distal forearm fractures may be about 105 300 during 1998-2002 in Moscow Region. Early medical care cost for all hip fractures was about 3 644 047- and for all distal forearm fractures about 876 264- in total in the period of study.
Conclusions: Retrospective study among Moscow Region population aged 50 years revealed high incidence of hip and distal forearm fractures both in males and females in the period of 1998-2002. The investigation revealed that patients with hip fractures did not receive an adequate qualified medical aid and very high financial assets were spent for early medical care to fractures in Moscow Region.

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