This study was aimed to evaluate the bone mineral density (BMD) in women at the age of 50 years and older with the his tory of fracture(s) after a low-energy trauma. For this purpose the osteodensitometry of three areas was performed in 173 women with different low-traumatic fractures. Osteoporosis and osteopenia were found in 77% and 21% of patients respectively. Osteoporosis at least in one of three areas was revealed in 80% of women with hip fracture, in 77% of women with wrist fractures, in 73% of patients with humeral fractures, in 86% women after vertebral fractures and in 62% of patients with ankle fractures. Moreover, in these subgroups the osteoporosis in two areas of three was found in 38%, 23%, 30%, 33% and 24% of cases respectively. Osteoporosis in all three areas was detected more frequently in women with wrist fractures (in 39% of cases). The high frequency of osteoporosis in women with the history of low-traumatic fractures argues the need of an adequate antiosteoporotic treatment without mandatory verification of the reduced BMD by the mean of the osteodensitometry.

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O V Dobrovol'skaya

m.n.s. laboratorii osteoporoza

N V Demin


N V Toroptsova

d.m.n., zaveduyushchaya laboratoriey osteoporoza


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