Analysis of epidemiology of osteoporotic fracturesusing data from primary care physicians


Compared to European countries, the incidence of hip fractures in Russia is significantly lower. The reasons for such a discrepancy have been studied insufficiently. It is known that in Russia, not all patients with hip fracture are hospitalized. The aim of the present study was to obtain the best possible precise data on epidemiology of osteoporotic fractures in older population. 208 cases of hip fractures were revealed during 2008-2009 (52 men and 156 women). 57 (27,4%) of them haven't been registered in official statistics and were consulted only by the primary care physicians. The incidence of hip fracture make up 191,9/100000 person-years (125,4 men and 233,2 women). The official statistics doesn't give the objective information on number of hip fractures, and search for patients treated only in a primary care settings is necessary in order to receive objective information.

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V. N. Khodyrev

O. M. Lesnyak

E. N. Gladkova

V. N. Chodyrev

O. M. Lesnyak


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