Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) is the third most
frequent endocrine disorder and has a variable clinical
presentation. Asymptomatic PHPT became the predominant
form of the disease with increase of its incidence after the
introduction of automated serum calcium measurement in
North America and Europe. Data from Russia is lacking. Aim:
To present the clinical profile of PHPT in Russia. Materials
and Methods: This retrospective study was conducted at
endocrinology centers in 8 regions of Russia. We analyzed
the clinical presentation, and treatment options in patients
with confirmed PHPT (1995-2010). Results: 738 patients (F:
M-8:1) with age ranging from 13 to 83,4 years (mean 54,3)
were analyzed. 54% was from Moscow (n=397), 11% - from
Moscow region (n=79) and 35% - from 53 regions of Russia
(n=262). Symptomatic PHPT was the most common form (74%)
and was revealed with osteoporosis in 56%, nephrolithiasis - in
45% and ulcer disease - in 18%. Our data showed an increase
in the incidence of PHPT (especially mild PHPT) after 2005
compared with earlier period. 64,9% of patients were treated
surgically, 17 patients undergone repeated parathyroid surgery.
28,3% received bisphosphonates, calcitonin and/or cinacalcet .
11,5% was observed without treatment. Conclusions: This
data analyzes some causes of delayed diagnosis of PHPT in
Russia, characterized age and gender distribution of patients
with PHPT and demonstrates the changes in clinical profile of
disease from 1995 to 2010. PHPT still remains symptomatic
disorder in our country most frequently with skeletal and renal

About the authors

L. Ya. Rozhinskaya

L. G. Rostomyan

N. G. Mokrysheva

S. S. Mirnaya

N. O. Kirdyankina


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