Despite the relatively low incidence of acromegaly (60-70 cases per I million inhabitants), this disease has a special place among the heterogeneous group of diseases that lead to the defeat of the locomotor apparatus. The slow growth of the clinical manifestations of acromegaly and as a consequence, late diagnosis, the cause of early disability and premature death of patients. In order to improve the quality of life and social adaptation of patients to date is an obvious need to identify groups of patients with acromegaly, requiring additional therapy for osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. We performed the search in bibliographic bases MEDLINE and Cochrane Collaboration from 2000 on 2009. Key words were the following: acromegaly, acromegaly and arthropathy, osteoporosis and acromegaly, the bone mineral density and acromegaly, fractures and acromegaly. In this article the data about role of risk factors for the defeat ofosteoarticular apparatus, the dynamics of the articular syndrome and the state of bone tissue in acromegaly.

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A S Fedotova


N N Molitvoslovova


L I Alekseeva


L Ya Rozhinskaya


A. S. Fedotova

N. N. Molitvoslovova

L. I. Alexeeva

L. Y. Rozhinskaya


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